Nutrition consultations begin with a thorough assessment based on your medical concerns, weight, nutrition needs, dietary intake, exercise routines, personal goals and your lifestyle (sleep patterns, stress management, work and family commitments).


Whether for weight loss, medical reasons, sports performance or to make a healthy lifestyle change, a personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan will be developed for you. Follow up consultations are usually recommended after 2-4 weeks to review progress and modify the treatment plan as required.


Nutrition education will be provided as necessary and may include; portion sizes, grocery shopping techniques, meal planning, recipes suggestions, tips for “eating out”, tips for “eating on the go”, healthy snacking and reading food labels.



Please Note
Before your appointment, please keep a Food Diary for 3 days and complete the Health Assessment Form. Please return these forms via email prior to your appointment where possible. If available please bring any pathology test results and any specific medical documentation to your appointment.

Forms are available for download below.