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About Me


Hi my name is Jennifer Moulin and I am a degree qualified Clinical Nutritionist with a particular interest in women's health and sports nutrition.


My Qualifications


  • Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine

  • Cert IV Personal Trainer

  • Cert III Exercise Instructor

  • Certified Food Coach


Member of the Australian Natural Therapies Association (ANTA)


My Philosophy


My programs are designed to suit individual lifestyles and needs in order to get back to good health and stay there by setting realistic goals. Simple changes in nutrition can make major changes to overall health, sports performance and well being.


My Journey


I have not always eaten well. In my 20’s as a graduate and working my way up the career ladder I often skipped meals or made rushed unhealthy choices due to convenience and hunger. I gained weight and felt tired and stressed much of the time.


I feel that my poor nutrition led to my fertility issues, PCOS diagnosis and difficulty pregnancies. Having my two children had a profound effect on my attitude towards nutrition and healthy eating. Being responsible for these precious humans and what I put on their plate made me acutely aware of how their health was in my hands.


I began to read extensively about nutrition and the role it can play on health and development. I learnt how to cook healthy and nutritious meals (my Spanish mother-in-law was a huge help in this). Having two small children and a full time job I learned how to make cooking healthy meals quick and easy.


Eventually I realised that I wanted to help other people with their nutrition and began my journey back into tertiary education, gaining my degree in Nutritional Medicine.


When it comes to fitness I have always loved sports, mostly team sports such as soccer and field hockey but I also enjoy strength training and running.


In 2007 when my husband announced he was going to enter a 100km trail run in the Blue Mountains I thought he was crazy. That was just the beginning. He has now completed many Ultra's and I have become an expert in crewing and putting together nutrition plans that would alleviate his gut issues and leg cramps that used to hinder his performance on race day.


I now work with other athletes to optimise their performance by ensuring they have the right nutrition plans for them both during the event and day to day.


Trail running is now my favourite way to exercise and get outdoors. I started with many of the shorter distance races including Running Wild and Sydney Trail Series courses and over the last 5 years have graduated to the longer events like 6 Foot Track, Buffalo Stampede 45km and finally my bucket list race, UTA 100km in 2019.


My challenge for 2021 is the Mount Blanc marathon in France.