Other Services

Grocery Store Tours


Healthy eating starts in the grocery store! As we navigate the grocery store aisle by aisle, I can help you make healthier food choices. I will teach you how to read food labels, decipher ingredient lists, pick out on-the-go options, how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet, provide grocery shopping and meal planning tips and answer your food and nutrition questions along the way.

Tours are an hour long and can also be individualized based on healthy needs: Heart Health, Gluten Free Eating and Diabetic Eating. This service is offered in addition to Nutrition Counselling Services.

Grocery Store Tours are available in the North West of Sydney. Please call or email me for more information and prices on these tours.


Pantry Visit


A 60 minute overhaul of your pantry during which I will teach you to read nutrition labels and decipher ingredient lists. We will discuss pantry must-have ingredients to make healthier meals and snacks. Recommendations will be made in accordance with the individualised plan developed during your nutrition sessions. Please call or email for more information and prices.


“Wellness at Work” Seminars


Are you working to make your office a healthy place for yourself and your employees? Wellness at Work Seminars are offered to small groups or large employers. Presentations and Seminars are individualised based on your group’s needs and size and are on a variety of nutrition and healthy lifestyle topics. Providing your employees with information about healthier lifestyle approaches can promote a healthier work environment and physical, mental and emotional well-being. Wellness programs have also been shown to enhance productivity, reduce absences and health care costs and just provide an overall more productive work environment. Please call or email to schedule your presentation.